How to make a hillbilly costume

Updated February 21, 2017

Regardless of what the occasion is, you want a costume that will draw attention and get some laughs. No costume is better than a hillbilly costume for this reaction. The following steps will tell you how to make an authentic hillbilly costume for your next party.

Find some old dungarees that you do not wear anymore. Rip holes in the legs and back side of them. Play in the mud and in the grass while wearing them so you can have authentic stains on the legs. Also, cut about 7.5 cm (3 inches) off each trouser leg so you will be wearing high water trousers.

Leave one dungaree strap hanging loose. This is completely optional but will add a nice effect to the costume.

Wear a plaid coloured or white shirt under your overalls. This should also have stains on it if possible. Have a young child wear this shirt all day prior to the party. This will ensure that it will have the stains and odour needed for an authentic hillbilly costume.

Find a straw hat and wear it with your costume. Also, do not wear shoes if possible. If you must, wear old tennis shoes that are dirty and have different coloured shoe strings or old sandals.

Use black tooth paint to black out some of your teeth to give a more prominent redneck look to your costume. If black tooth paint is not available, purchase Bubba teeth at your nearest costume shop.

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