How to Do the Ring and Rope Magic Trick

Magic tricks are always good for a laugh and can make a great icebreaker. There are several variations of magic tricks that use a ring and a length of rope. This ring and rope magic trick is easy to accomplish, yet will mystify your friends and have them asking you for the secret.

Gather your props. You need a ring of some sort. You don't want it to be too big or too small. The size of a plastic bangle you would wear on your wrist is a good size, but you probably don't want to go much bigger than that. A key ring, unless it is a large one, is probably too small. You also need a string or rope that is around three feet long, but it doesn't have to be exact.

Fold the rope in half. Hold the rope with the two ends in your hand and the bent section hanging down.

Place the ring in the rope and make the knot. Hold the ring in your other hand and slide the ring so that the rope goes through the middle of the ring. Tying the knot is the key to the trick so make sure you get it right. With the ring in the middle of the rope, slide the ends of the rope over the ring and through the middle loop of the rope. This is a lark's head knot. You should end with the ring in the middle of the rope securely in place.

Have someone hold the ends of the rope and place a handkerchief over the ring. With someone holding on to either end of the rope, you should suspend the ring in the middle of the rope. Make sure that the person doesn't hold the rope too tight because you will need some slack to make the trick work. Place a handkerchief or other cloth over the ring to cover it up so you can perform the magic underneath the cover.

Loosen the knot under the handkerchief and slide the ring out. Grab the loop that is at the center of the rope. Loosen the knot by pulling down gently on this loop while holding the ring. You should be able to loosen it enough so that the ring slips out and the knot disappears.

Remove the handkerchief and show off your powers. Show them the ring and the rope without the knot. It is up to you whether or not you want to share the secret with them.


Practice the trick without the handkerchief so that you can get a feel for what removing the knot looks and feels like. Also work on smoothness and speed.

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