How to Make a Hamster Bed

Hamsters like a nice, quiet area of their cage to use as a bed. They also enjoy making their own bed. As a hamster owner, it is your job to put the supplies that your hamster needs into his cage so he can make his bed.

Purchase a small plastic of wooden house to place inside your hamster cage. The house gives your hamster a place to build his bed that is quiet and dark. Pet stores sell hamster igloos which are great for their purpose. Your hamster gets a nice bed, and the shape of the house makes it easy for you to keep it clean.

Place some shredded toilet paper or tissue inside the cage, next to the house. Always use white, unscented tissue to eliminate the additives that could be harmful to your hamster.

Give your hamster some shredded white paper, such as unprinted newspaper or copy paper, instead of, or in addition to the tissue paper.

Add a handful of Care Fresh or Critter Care bedding so you hamster can make her bed soft and comfortable.

Put your hamster into the cage and have fun watching her moving the supplies into her house to make her bed.


To ensure the health and well being of your hamster, it is important to remove the old bedding and give him fresh supplies to build his bed with. Not only is it necessary for him to have a clean bed, but he gets the fun of re-making it weekly.


Never give your hamster printed paper. Ingesting the ink could be harmful or fatal to her.

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