How to Comfort a Dog After Neutering or Spaying

Getting spayed or neutered can be very traumatic for a dog because of the procedure involved. When your dog returns home, you may notice some emotional issues that were not there before, but even if you don't notice significant changes, you should still take a few steps after a neutering or spaying in order to make your dog feel comfortable.

Gather up your dog's favorite toys. Set your dog on his favorite blanket and give him a chew toy that he loves. You can even go out and buy brand new toys in order to have something new and fun to play with.

Keep some doggy treats handy and give them to your dog when she arrives home. However, don't give her too many so that her stomach doesn't get upset.

Speak to your dog in a calm, gentle voice. Don't yell or make a lot of noise as this may upset him. Try to keep visitors to a minimum in your house so that he doesn't feel overwhelmed in wondering who has come over. Keep small children and other pets away from your dog for at least 48 hours.

Offer your dog food and water, although she may not want to eat right after surgery. Let her decide, but leave her food bowl out in case she gets hungry.

Shower him lots of love and attention. Let your dog know you are there for him. Tell him what a good dog he is and give him lots of kisses and hugs.

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