How to get rid of girls' sideburns

Updated February 21, 2017

Patches of hair growing on the side of a girl's face are unseemly and masculine. You can use a variety of methods to get rid of sideburns; these temporary or permanent solutions also differ in the severity of pain they cause. Trying a temporary solution first might be the best way to go until you've saved the money for laser hair removal.

Getting rid of girls sideburns

Bleach your sideburns. Several at-home kits are available at your local drugstore and at Target or Wal-Mart. This is a no-pain solution that lasts a couple of weeks and then needs reapplication.

Wax the hair away if it's thick, dark and plentiful. Some girls can get away with bleaching, but for serious sideburns, waxing is recommended. Waxing can last up to two weeks and is only mildly painful. Hair grows in over three cycles, so this method significantly reduces the thickness. Over time, hair that's waxed becomes thinner, and some may stop growing altogether.

Shaving sidburns is an option, but not a smart one. Shaving can cause the hair to grow in thicker and darker. This is a last-minute solution and you should do it only when desperate.

Try plucking the hairs with a tweezer. This could be the most painful method, depending on your pain tolerance and skin sensitivity. Tweezing is a good option for girls with only mild sideburns or last-minute stragglers that other solutions didn't get rid of.

Consider laser hair removal for a permanent solution to your dilemma altogether. Since the area is likely to be relatively small, the price for this procedure is reasonable. Usually you'll need more than one treatment in order to make the hair removal permanent. Considering that you'll save yourself time and won't be paying for products anymore, lasering your sideburns may be worth saving up for.


Consider going to a professional instead of using an at-home kit if you've got the money to spend and want to make sure the job is well done. And watching someone else is a good way to learn.

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