How to Fit a Tow Bar to a Car

A tow bar installed on your car allows you to tow your car if you're driving a truck or RV. Not only does it save on gas, but allows you to bring another vehicle with you--which is especially helpful when you move. You can also install a tow bar to use your car to tow trailers or boats.

Read the drivers manual of your car first. Each make and model of car has specific instructions for using a tow bar. The drivers manual will tell you the maximum amount of weight your make of car can tow.

Buy a tow bar from a reputable dealer and make sure it's the correct fit for your make and model of car. The tow bar will vary based on your car. For example, the height of your bumper and the location of the tow bar will make a difference. If you will be towing your car, the tow bar is installed on the front of the car. If you are using your car to tow, the tow bar is placed on the back of the car. Installation of the tow bar on your car is based not only on the make and model, but the amount of weight you will tow.

Install a "universal fit" tow bar if you can. A universal fit tow bar is more expensive but can be used on many makes and models. The benefit of the universal fit tow bar is that you can install it on another vehicle you own--so you don't have to buy another tow bar for a different make and model of car.

Invest in the best tow bar possible if you plan to tow something on a continuing basis. For example, if you own a boat and will tow it regularly, buy the best tow bar the first time.

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