How to Dye Hair With a Leopard Print

Dyeing your hair with a leopard print is a bold choice for the person who wants to stand out in the crowd. This works particularly well with very short hair or almost shaved heads, but people with longer hair can join in the fun too with a little more effort. There are several different ways to achieve this unique look.

Buy a commercially available stencil or make your own stencil.

Create your own stencil by drawing irregular circles on a piece of cardboard or thin plastic (such as the lid for a margarine tub). Consult a picture of leopard print to copy the shape of the spots. Cut the shapes out with a sharp knife.

Hold the stencil close against your head. Use a small brush to fill in the holes with hair dye or temporary hair art color. If using hair dye, let sit for the time indicated on the package. Then rinse out and condition.

Dip the end a clean, dry celery stick in hair dye, and carefully use it to stamp all over your hair. Ask a friend for help to reach the back of your head.

Buy leopard-print hair extensions for leopard-print hair in an instant without all the trouble.

Visit a salon and ask your hairdresser to draw leopard spots on your hair freehand using a brush and hair dye. Rinse the dye out and condition.

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