How to Tie a Knot on Friendship Bracelets

Knotting is the basic skill by which friendship bracelets are made. The knot typically used in friendship bracelets is simple to learn.

Learn to tie a left-hand knot (LHK) using practice strings. Take two strings that each measure 10 inches or slightly longer. Tie the strings together about an inch from the end of the string. Attach the knotted end firmly to a surface.

Separate the two strings. Hold the right string so that it is firm and straight.

Lay the left string over the right string, forming a shape resembling the number 4. Leave the left string loose while continuing to hold the right string firmly.

Wrap the left string around and under the right string. Pull the string up and through the hole of the "4" shape.

Continue to hold the right string taut as you tighten the knot. Pull the left string so that the knot you created is pulled snugly against the top of the right string.

Repeat Step 3 through Step 5 so that you have two knots formed by the left string at the top of the right string. You have completed one left-hand knot (LHK).

Perform a right-hand knot (RHK) by holding the left string firm and straight. Place the right string over it in the shape of a backwards 4.

Wrap the right string around, up, and through the hole of the backwards 4. Pull tight and repeat to complete the right-hand knot (RHK).


The left-hand knots (LHK) and right-hand knots (RHK) used in friendship bracelets are the same knots used in macramé, performed on a much smaller scale. In macramé, the knot is know as the half-hitch knot. For thicker knots, use multiple strands of each color. For very thin knots, you may separate the threads of the your embroidery floss. Use the same number of strands for each color in your bracelet.

Things You'll Need

  • Embroidery thread or similar-weight string
  • Scissors
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