How to Install a Car Induction Kit

An induction kit is used to expand the air intake into your engine and increase the horsepower of your car. The kit is basically a cone-shaped filter, which you install near the engine's air inlet: the original air intake system is removed and the induction kit is placed directly onto the air flow meter. When you install it, it minimizes to loss of air pressure to the engine, increasingly the airflow and adding to your car's power.

Determine which induction kit you need for your car. There are almost as many kits available as there are models of car, and numerous different brands and styles. Shop around and buy one that is compatible with your vehicle.

Detach the negative battery cable from the battery. You don't want the electricity connected when you install your induction kit.

Unscrew the intake hose from the existing air box and carefully lift the air box out of the car.

Disconnect the engine breather pipe from the intake hose and the intake hose from the throttle housing. Gently remove the intake hose from the car.

Assemble any housings or support brackets included in the induction kit and find the spot on the engine where they are to be attached. The instruction manual will have a specific location where the support should be installed.

Attach the support brackets to their specific location with a screwdriver.

Remove the air box support from the chassis by unscrewing it or detaching the bolt.

Install any heat shielding or cooling systems to the mounting brackets, as dictated by the instructions.

Connect one end of the air hoses to their indicated places on the mounting brackets or the heat shielding. Install the other end behind the grill of the car.

Attach the intake pipe from the induction kit to the engine throttle along the mounting bracket and screw it into place until it is tightly secured.

Attach any rubber adapters or filters to the ends of the intake pipe.

Connect the new filter to the intake pipe and tighten it into place with the screwdriver.

Install the new breather pipe onto the intake house, then onto the engine. Secure it in place with the screwdriver.

Reconnect the battery and start the engine to see if the induction kit is working the way it should.


Heat shielding and coolants increase the efficiency of an induction kit even more. Cool air contracts, which means more can enter the engine than hot air. Specific instructions will vary wildly from vehicle to vehicle. While overall guidelines remain essentially the same, read your instruction manual carefully and alter the steps to conform to any specific differences in your car.


Not all induction kits are legal in certain states or regions. Check your local laws and make sure the kit you install meets those parameters.

Things You'll Need

  • Induction kit
  • Screwdriver
  • Spanner
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