How to Install a Custom Gear Knob in a Car

A custom gear knob makes a snazzy final touch to a classic car, and can give a custom ride that extra bit of personality. You can find a custom gear knob in any shape and size, choosing from thousands of different designs. Most of them are a piece of cake to install, and you can even mix and match them with multiple custom gear knobs to fit your particular mood.

Determine the type of custom gear knob you want to install and whether it will fit in your car. Most gear knobs are designed to fit any stick, but be certain before buying it. Measure your gear stick (the dimensions may be listed in your owner's manual) to make sure the two are compatible and give very specific parameters if you are having the knob carved or sculpted by hand.

Check the custom gear knob for any batteries or extra items you may need for it. A knob with flashing lights usually has space for its own power source, which you should be aware of before you install it. You may need to detach the gear knob and replace the batteries when the old ones run out.

Unscrew your old gear knob and remove it from the gear shift. For many cars, this is a very simple operation. Use a wrench if it is stuck or doesn't come off easily.

Detach the plastic sheath connecting the old gear knob with the plastic and leather wrapping on the gear shaft. You can do this by popping the head of the gear knob off with a screwdriver and depressing the clips holding the knob onto the stick. This step may not be necessary if your existing gear knob isn't configured this way.

Screw the custom gear knob in place until it is fitted tight and facing the direction that you want. Most of the time, you should be able to do this by hand, though you may want to use a wrench to make sure it is really secure.

Snap the custom gear knob into place and refit the gaiters of the leather and plastic assembly for the gear shaft. They should neatly fit if the custom gear knob meets the parameters of your car. This won't be necessary if your gear stick matches more basic specifications.


Check that your custom gear knob is comfortable in your hand and that you can operate the gear shift easily once you install it.

Things You'll Need

  • Custom gear knob
  • Measuring tape
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
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