How to Dress an Apple Shaped Figure

Someone with an apple shaped body carries most of her weight above her waist, most noticeably in her stomach. She often has large breasts, narrow hips and thin legs. A protruding tummy is the hallmark of the apple shape and the cause of continuing frustration for the woman who must dress this figure type.

Look for fabrics that skim your apple shape. Instead of dressing in clothes that are tight or clingy, buy flowing silks and loose cottons tailored in simple designs.

Dress in monochromatic outfits, instead of mixing several colors. This gives the illusion of length rather than width. Dark colors and small patterns are best for the apple shape.

Emphasize your great legs and draw attention away from your apple shape by dressing in short skirts.

Wear tops with a long shirttail hem. The rounded hem camouflages the tummy.

Find tops with that wrap around your figure and create folds over the stomach area.

Buy skirts and pants with flat fronts. Although they may be more difficult to find, look for side and back zippers. Avoid pockets, pleats and gathers near the waist.

Draw the eye to your shapely bust line by choosing a well-fitted bra. Tops with V-necks are a good choice.


Jeans are frequently a problem for the apple shape. Look for a rise lower than your waist, and leave the belt in the closet. The apple shaped woman often finds jeans and pants that fit in the waist are much too large in the hips and thighs. A good compromise is dressing in tunic style tops with trim-fitting maternity jeans and pants. They'll give you the extra room in the tummy, but will fit nicely in the hips and thighs.

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