How to Fix a Door Hinge

A common problem in many homes, particularly older homes, can be loose door hinges. Over time, the door hinge works itself loose. Though annoying, this problem can be fixed with ease.

Fix a loose door hinge by first removing the screws. This will normally require a flathead screwdriver or a Phillips-head screwdriver. With the holes exposed where the hinge was mounted, you must take a small piece of wood and whittle it with a knife. Whittle it slightly bigger than the hole, but taper it at the front. Drive this peg you've made into the hole with a hammer. Break the piece of wood off at the edge of the hole. Repeat for each hole.

Replace the door hinge over the filled holes. Doing this allows you to cut new thread holes as the screw goes into the piece of wood that you have added in the holes. This will make your hinge pull up tight on your door or frame and fix the loose hinge problem.

Get rid of that annoying squeaky sound on a door hinge. Fix the problem by pulling the pin which attaches the hinge together. Now, lubricate the pin and the pivoting points of your hinges with a light oil or a graphite lubricant. Slide the hinge back together and reinstall the pin.

Look at the door hinge pin itself. This is what holds the hinge together. In older homes, this pin will wear, making the door hinge weak or sloppy in its travel. This can cause a door to drag when shutting or opening. You must replace the pin in order to fix this problem.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Small piece of wood
  • Knife
  • Light oil or graphite lubricant
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