How to Buy a Low Rider Car

There's an air of cool to any lowrider car, even one made from the most regular runaround. Buying a lowrider car takes some careful consideration and patience so that you don't end up with a car you can't drive or maintain.

Start with what you know. Keep in mind as you shop for a lowrider car that in theory any car can be a lowrider. This means you don't have to buy an expensive and difficult to maintain vintage lowrider. Start with a reliable, modern car if that suits your needs and get it dropped down so it rides low.

Decide on new or used. The majority of lowrider cars are used, since previous owners lowered and modified their cars to fit the lowrider bill. A used lowrider might come stacked with everything you need from a lowrider, including modified shocks, tougher wheels and even hydraulics. However, added parts are also added problems, so think carefully about your decision to buy used or new.

Find out about street legality. Your state and county's laws regarding the street legality of a car are paramount when buying a lowrider. Check up on the laws, and particularly what they say about ground clearance, so that the car you buy won't get you in trouble with the law for simply driving. Take a ruler or tape measure with you when you check out lowriders to make sure they are within the limits.

Go to lowrider car shows. While you might get lucky find and fall in love with a lowrider at a car show, you more will more likely see some ideas and styles for lowriders that can provide some guidance in your car search.

Look to lowrider-specific outlets. Publications like Lowrider Magazine or website such as are good places to begin your search. Browse cars for sale by region so you can go check a car out if one looks interesting. Also talk to body shops and mechanics to see if they know of any good lowrider deals.

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