How to Use the FlyLady Cleaning Method

The Fly Lady is a homemaker who learned how to de-clutter and clean home with advice from the Slob Sisters and now runs a very successful website, where she teaches others her cleaning routine. The Fly Lady has thousands of fans who praise her methods for helping them overcome their own messiness. You too can clean home and organize your life with the Fly Lady method; here's how.

Read "Sink Reflections" by the Fly Lady, also known as Marla Cilley, to get some inspiration and an overview of the Fly Lady Baby Steps cleaning routine. The Fly lady was originally a slob herself--which she readily admits. Changing her habits enabled her to help others, which is where she is today, in an immaculate home.

Subscribe to the FlyLady email list to get daily--almost hourly--reminders about what you should be doing during your day. You'll get email messages about getting up and getting dressed, doing your morning routine and telling you to go to bed at 10 p.m.

Create a Fly Lady cleaning journal (your "control journal") to plan your routines. You will have a basic morning routine, nightly routine and weekly plan. Putting it all down on paper helps you stay focused.

De-clutter for 15 minutes a day. When you first begin the Fly Lady plan, your home will likely be very cluttered (hence your necessity for the Fly Lady). Spend 15 minutes each day flinging unused items and organizing your home.

Clean in the Zone of the week. The house is divided into zones under the Fly Lady's plan; for example, zone 4 (for week 4) is the master bedroom.

Read the Fly Lady's encouraging emails and online support to encourage your progress and learn more. Soon, you'll get the hang of it.

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