How to Decrease Bust Size With Exercise

Not every woman that desires a smaller bust will want to go through breast-reduction surgery. Instead, you can perform sets of exercises that can reduce the fat that make up your breasts. Not only are you likely to decrease your bust size, but you might lose weight in other areas of your body.

Start with some cardio workouts. Before you perform target exercises, add a cardio workout to your routine. It could be a half-hour aerobics class or 20 minutes of jogging on the treadmill.

Increase the intensity of your cardio exercises. Once you get a routine going, slowly build the intensity. The longer and harder that you workout, the smaller your breasts are likely to become.

Perform sets of push-ups each day. Push-ups can be an effective bust reducing exercise if done on a regular basis. Perform five to six sets of push-ups every other day.

Use the weights at your gym to do chest presses. Chest presses work the pecs of the body and can build more muscle at the site while decreasing breast fat. Start with a low weight and then add on more as you gain strength.

Make time at home to exercise. Little exercises that can be performed around the house have the ability to reduce your breast size. For example, if you find yourself standing next to a wall, perform a set of wall push-ups.


A diet that is lower in fat can also aid you in reducing the size of your bust. If you lose weight, your bust size is very likely to decrease. It is almost impossible to keep the same size breasts and drop several dress sizes.

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