How to Videotape a Wet T-Shirt Contest

Filming a wet t-shirt contest can be a very entertaining and interesting time. However, there are many considerations, both personally and legally, that should be considered prior to such a filming. To film a wet t-shirt contest legally and successfully a number of issues have to be considered.

Ask permission from the owner of the place where the wet t-shirt contest is being held. It is a good rule of thumb to ask permission as soon as you hear about the event. More than one video professional may ask to film the contest, but there may only be room for one.

Watch other wet t-shirt contests that have been videoed and get pointers from these tapes. What areas does the tape concentrate on? Does it skip certain parts of the contest? This is all important information when it comes to you doing the filming. Make sure you record the "selling" points of the video.

Speak with each contestant of the contest about what you are planning to do. If any of them seem to not want to be videoed, you must comply with their wish, or face legal consequences if you do not.

Ask that each contestant sign a consent form for them to be filmed. You may want to ask for a copy of their driver's license as well to attach to their consent form. Keep all these papers in a folder at your home or office. This will prevent you from being sued by the contestants and also ensures that you are videotaping consenting adults, not minors.

Check your equipment thoroughly before the contest. Make sure you have a local power source, enough tapes, and a clean camera lens. If you are serious about videotaping, either for pleasure or professionally, you want your videos to be top notch.

Enjoy the event and your job of filming it. Millions of dollars have been made by individuals simply selling tapes such as this.

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