How to Buy a Hibachi Grill

Hibachi grills are portable charcoal grills that work well when you're out camping or preparing a leisurely meal on the backyard deck. The hibachi originally comes from China, although many people associate it with Japan, which does manufacturer quality versions.

Start by looking only for a high quality cast iron hibachi and not cast aluminum. The best designs are from Japan. Importing a cast iron grill from Japan is probably cost-prohibitive, but cities with a large population of Japanese people have specialty stores where a high quality hibachi can be purchased.

Look for a hibachi with a single grill for quick meals. Some larger hibachi grills have three grills but the two-grill models are fine for most people. Look for a hibachi that is large enough to handle meat and vegetables or fruits at the same time.

Shop at the backyard grill section of large department stores at the end of summer or in the fall. There are great deals on hibachi grills at this time of year.

Buy a hibachi that is easy to clean. Some hibachi designs make cleanup difficult. A hibachi will last for years if properly maintained and not abused so although the grill is iron, handle it with care.

Anchor a hibachi for maximum safety. The hibachi is easy to knock over. Find a grill that is designed with a wider bottom to stay upright.

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