How to Stop Earache and Ear Infection

Written by drjewell
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There are many ways to prevent or reduce the risks of getting earaches and ear infections. Maintaining a healthy and hygienic lifestyle is a good starting point. Children are more prone to getting ear infections especially new born babies and infants so extra care should be taken to ensure that they are not at risk. This article will show you ways to reduce the pain from earaches and also how to reduce the risk of getting ear infections.

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Things you need

  • Ear drops
  • Acetaminophen
  • Antibiotics
  • baby oil
  • mineral oil
  • garlic
  • mullein oils

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    Prevention is always a key to reducing the chance of getting earaches and ear infection. Keeping the ear canal clean of build up of oils and dirt will decrease the risk of getting infections. One way is to use some oil lubricant to help soften and soothe the infection or the ache. Try to use one or two small drops of warm oil and drop into the ear canal with a syringe. Rub the ear several times and leave for several minutes. Next clean the ear canal carefully with a cotton bud. You can repeat this several times. Bear in mind this is only temporary relief from the earache.

  2. 2

    Doctors usually perform a simple test to see if the ear infection is an outer ear or inner ear infection. First you can wiggle or tug at the lower, fleshy area of the ear lobe called the Tragis. If you feel pain upon movement of the ear then this is most likely an outer ear infection. If there is no pain when you apply pressure to the ear lobe this is more likely an inner ear problem.

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    Tips to help reduce ear aches are chewing movement or if you yawn. These types of movements stretches the muscles around the ear lobe and opens up the eustachian tubes to allow pressure equilibrium thus reducing the ear ache.

  4. 4

    Certain herbs can help ear infections, for example, garlic oil and muellin oils. Both are known to have anti-bacterial properties Use a small syringe and place a few droplets of the oil into the ear canal and leave in for several minutes. it will help to soothe and heal the infection. Repeat several times.

  5. 5

    Some medication can help to reduce the pressure in the ear canals and the congested sinuses, for example, decongestants that are available in the drugstores. Build up of pressure in sinuses are a major cause of ear aches.

  6. 6

    Some people are more prone to getting ear infections, like swimmer's ear. This condition is usually caused by contracting bacterial in contaminated water or swimming pools or dirty ocean water. The symptoms are usually itchy ears and as the infection progresses the person will experience excruciating pain. The only recommendation is to seek medical attention for prescription medication to alleviate the infection.

  7. 7

    Ear aches can also be caused by severe temperature conditions. One way to find quick relief is to use small heating pads which can be applied to the ear area. The heat will help to reduce the pain form the ear ache.

  8. 8

    Another way to prevent getting infections like swimmer's ear is to purchase ear plugs. These are very cheap to buy and readily available in most drugstores are

  9. 9

    Clean the ear canal on a regular basis to reduce the risks of getting ear infections. Using rubbing alcohol and applying with a cotton bud into can be a simple and effective way to prevent you form getting ear infections.

  10. 10

    NEVER insert or use foreign instruments or metal objects to clean or scratch the ear canal. These harbor plenty of germs and will increase your chance of getting ear infections as well as causing dangerous and severe injuries to the ear canal and the ear drum.

Tips and warnings

  • This article is not a substitute for seeking medical attention from your own medical doctor or health care provider.

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