How to Make a Magic Flip Wallet

If you wants something novel to show off to your friends, make a magic flip wallet. You can make it out of almost any material, yet it can continue to amaze your friends time and time again. Your magic flip wallet can be the full length of a dollar bill, or you can make it the size of a credit card. Here's how.

Cut the cardboard into two pieces, each 2¾ inches by 6½ inches. Cut one each of the outer covering paper into 4 inches by 7¾ inches pieces. Cut a piece of each covering paper 2¾ inches by 6½ inches long for the inside liners.

Glue the outside pieces of wrapping paper to the cardboard. Wrap the excess around to the inside of each piece of cardboard. Miter the corners for a finished look. Glue all edges. Mark one cover as the front and one as the back.

Measure and cut two pieces of ribbon about 5 inches long. Measure 1½ inches from the top and bottom of the long side of the front cover. Arrange the ribbon in an "X" that crosses in the middle of the cover. Glue the ribbon to the 1½-inch marks you made.

Mark the opposite side of the front cover 1 inch from the top and bottom. Cut two more pieces of ribbon about 3½ inches long. Glue those pieces of ribbon in place. Glue the lining sheet for the front cover in place as well.

Lay the back cover beside the front cover. Leave a slight gap between them. If it's in the correct position at this time, the front cover is on the left with an "X" of ribbon to its left and two horizontal ribbons extending to its right and lying across the back cover.

Bring the ribbon "X" over the front cover and glue the ends to the left side of the back cover. Slip the lining to the back cover into place and glue the left side down. Slide the horizontal ribbons across the lining and tuck the ends between the lining and the cardboard. Finish gluing the back lining in place.

Put a dollar in the wallet when the glue dries. Close the magic flip wallet, turn it over and the dollar slips under the ribbon. Close the wallet and turn it over and the dollar moves under the ribbon on the other side.


In this example, paper is the covering.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard
  • Two colors wrapping paper for outer covering
  • Ruler
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Scissors
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