How to Stretch Boots

When you buy a new pair of boots, you may find that they need stretching out. The width or the length may be too small to properly fit your feet. There are several methods that you can use to stretch out a pair of boots.

Purchase a stretching fluid to place on the boots. Dyo makes a shoe stretching liquid that can be applied to leather or suede boots. It stretches out the material without damaging the boots.

Find a shoe stretcher to use on your boots. These devices are placed inside the boots and stretch them out by expanding the shoes' width or height.

Put the width stretcher inside of the boot. Use the crank to expand the width of the stretcher. Keep expanding the device until the boots have reached a comfortable enough width.

Use a vamp stretcher if you need to stretch the instep of your boots. To do this, put the vamp stretcher into the boot and turn the handle until pressure appears on the top of the boot.

Leave the stretchers in the boots for several hours, preferably overnight. Try on the boots and see if they fit better. If they still require more stretching, use the stretchers again until they are comfortable.


You can find boot and shoe stretchers online for sale. Shoekeeper is a popular brand to consider and can be purchased at Shoe and boot stretchers work best on boots made of leather or suede.

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