How to use Kijiji

Updated February 21, 2017

Kijiji was an online service that allowed posting of free classified ads. The name comes from the word "village" in Swahili. The key function of Kijiji is making community connections, so those in your hometown or general geographic area can see the classified ad you post. The service has now been taken over by the eBay classified ads service.

Log onto the eBay classified ads (formerly Kijiji) website. The website prompts you to enter your regional location such as your town, city or post code.

Select the nearest city or town. Do this by clicking on the map or using the drop-down list to make the selection.

Look over the categories for posting a classified ad. Kijiji allows you to sell just about anything from cars to clothing. You can also post personal ads, community activities and job ads.

Click on the category to view ads online or for a step-by-step on posting a classified.

Check your email after you write your ad. You'll receive an email that includes a link to your ad. The classified doesn't become final and up and on the website until you've completed this step.

Remember your classified appears in chronological order, so the newest postings are always at the top. You can pay a fee to keep your ad highlighted and easy to find. This is helpful if you need to sell your item quickly.


Your email address doesn't appear in the site. However, if you respond, you must include your email address. Some people have a special email just for online sites.

The service is primarily aimed at the North American market and, as of 2014, doesn't operate in the UK.

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