How to Print on Edible Paper

Printing on edible paper is a neat way to decorate cakes and cookies. A chef even went so far as to create a menu completely on edible paper. Edible printing is expensive and requires a dedicated printer so make sure you want to do it often before looking into purchasing equipment for edible printing.

Purchase or designate a Canon or Epson printer for your printing. Many edible ink/paper manufacturers list what printers work with their products. If you decide to use an old printer, you are going to have to clean out the old ink residue before using it for edible printing. Make sure that the printer you want to use can be used by looking at edible ink websites.

Place food coloring-filled cartridges into your printer. Remember if this is a previously owned printer, you must clean it out beforehand to avoid toxins. Edible ink products can be found easily on the Internet.

Purchase or use a graphics program to create images for you to print. Some companies suggest that you use their software. Many of these companies will provide templates.

Decide how large you want your image to be. If you want to have multiple images for cupcakes or a large sheet cake images, you are going to have to choose frosting sheets for the images.

Purchase edible frosting sheets online (see Resources). These companies also sell edible frosting sheets.

Insert the color-filled cartridge into your printer. The cartridges usually come with instructions if you have questions regarding their installation.

Place a frosting sheet into your printer following the instructions on the package. Usually the sheets are placed frosting side up for printing. Do a test print if you aren't sure.

Select print on the graphics program and watch while your printer prints the image.

Allow the image to dry before handling.


You can purchase food coloring cartridge refills to save on costs. Kosher edible paper and ink are also available.


Verify with manufacturers that sell edible ink and edible paper that your printer will work with their products.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Epson or Canon printer
  • Graphics program
  • Edible ink cartridges
  • Edible printer paper
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