How to Wear the Muslim Headscarf

Wearing a hijab, or headscarf, is common among women and is required dress in some Muslim countries. In some other Muslim countries, the headscarf is banned. The Muslim headscarf remains a subject of controversy in Muslim and non-Muslim countries alike. Follow these steps to wear the Muslim headscarf.

Decide if you believe your interpretation of the Koran indicates you should cover up partially or completely. The holy text indicates faithful women are to shield private parts and should not display their adornment "except what is apparent of it." Just what this means is not specified, so it's open to interpretation.

Consider your interpretation of the Koran and whether you think it means you should wear the Muslim headscarf. The Koran states that all women should dress modestly, but your definition of "modest" may be different from others.

Wear the headscarf covering your head, hair and neck. Some Muslim countries require women to wear a scarf over their face also when going out in public.

Cover your bosom and wrap the Muslim headscarf in a cloak-like fashion around you. The Koran specifies to do this but you need a scarf of considerable width and length.

Defend your right to wear the Muslim headscarf to those who question or ridicule you. State your interpretation of the Koran and the reasons you are wearing the headscarf.

Know that wearing the Muslim headscarf remains a subject of controversy in many parts of the world. There are many Muslim women's rights activists who believe in wearing the headscarf, while others think it's oppressive.

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