How to hire a sand blaster

Updated February 21, 2017

Before hiring a sand blaster for a DIY or construction job, make sure you're getting the equipment you need. Though hiring steam cleaners or other household tools might be simple enough, sand blasters are a bit different. The equipment required varies by project and getting the right one will make the job easier and reduce your costs.

Determine how long you will need the machine. Most places will hire daily or weekly, and some hire hourly as well. A small job, such as sandblasting a fireplace will take only a couple of hours to complete. If you're planning to blast plaster from an entire house, then you may want to consider the longer hire period.

Find out what type of material is blasted. Though few actually use sand anymore, some still do. Others use dry ice, steel beads or grain. The machine uses air -- powered from your water or electricity supply -- to push the particles with great force through the hose and out of the nozzle. Before you hire a sand blaster, know what type of materials it will use and how much they will cost.

Decide on the strength of the blaster. Someone at the tool hire centre should be able to assist with this issue. Sand blaster strength is measured in pressure in the same way as air pressure in car tyres. Greater pressure is necessary to smooth some surfaces, but too much pressure can cause damage.

Ask about any cleaning and other additional fees. Sand blasting will leave a mess in the general area where you do the work. The machine also may get messy. Ask the tool hire centre how to clean the equipment and how much it costs if they have to re-do it when you return the equipment. Look for a generous policy if you are unsure whether you will be able to clean it up completely.

Find out if the hire company sells dust sheets. You will need them to keep your furniture and other items free from the debri that will come from the sand blaster.


Ask the hire company about specialist personal protection equipment. If you don't own safety clothing already you might be able to hire it along with the sand blaster.

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