How to Buy a Yuzu Tree

The taste of fresh yuzu is hard to forget. Unfortunately, U.S. Customs laws prevent the transportation of fresh yuzu from outside the country. Luckily, citrus growers in America have figured out how to grow their own yuzu trees. Now, no matter where you live in the country, you just might be able to grow a yuzu tree in your own backyard. Read on to learn how to buy a yuzu tree.

Look specifically for citrus growers, especially if you live outside of the states that traditionally grow citrus fruit. This is where the bulk of the yuzu trees are cultivated in the U.S. Look for a grower that is located in cirtus bearing climates, such as Florida and California, if looking for grafts or potted plants. The seeds may come from the same place.

Contact the citrus growers associations in California and Florida. They can point you to nurseries in which yuzu trees are cultivated. Navigate their website for links, or go directly to the "Contact Us" page and get the email or phone number.

Go to your local nursery. They have contacts through the gardening world, and just might be able to find you a yuzu tree. They will also be able to give you pointers on where and how to plant your tree.


If you are impatient for yuzu fruit, stick with grafted trees or potted. Yuzu trees can be grown successfully from seed, but it is said to take from three to 17 years to get fruit from that tree.

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