How to Make a Captain Hook Costume

Captain Hook is one of literature's most evil villains, preying on the never-aging Peter Pan and his Lost Boys. He is fearsome and only afraid of one thing-the crocodile that took his hand and follows him around, hoping to finish off the rest of him. You can put together a Captain Hook costume relatively easily, but you'll also have to master his attitude.

Buy a white, fluffy shirt like the one that Jerry wore in the infamous Seinfeld episode. If you can't find one, a simple white button-up shirt will work for your costume.

Wear some tights. It doesn't matter what color. Black is the most fearsome color, but tights aren't really the most fearsome piece of clothing, so whatever color you can find will be fine.

Find an old-fashioned red coat with gold or brass buttons. Try looking in a thrift store. If you can't find red, another color will do, but the coat should be long, reaching to at least your thighs.

Assemble your weaponry. You'll need a sword-preferably a fake one for safety's sake- and more importantly, you'll need a hook for your hand. Captain Hook wore his hook on his right hand, but if you're right-handed, you may want to switch it to your left.

Get a wig. It should be long, black and a bit curly. Also, grow a thin mustache. If you don't have time to grow one (or you're a woman), draw one on with black face paint.

Place a pirate hat on top of your bewigged head to finish your costume. To make it more authentic, stick a large feather in the hat.

Swagger. Captain hook was a cocky pirate, so you'll need attitude.


Have one of your friends dress like Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Smee or even the crocodile that took Hook's hand.

Things You'll Need

  • White shirt
  • Tights
  • Red coat
  • Sword
  • Hook
  • Wig
  • Mustache or black-face paint
  • Hat
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