How to Enter a Convent

Dedicating your life to the Catholic church, making daily sacrifices and giving up a traditional family, career and everyday life are just a few of the issues a woman must consider before becoming a nun. If think you have the vocation, follow these steps to enter the convent.

Meet the requirement. You must be a Catholic and you can't ever have been married, unless you're a widow. If you aren't already Catholic, you can convert to the religion. Speak with a local Catholic priest to discuss the steps involved in converting.

Research the orders. While all nuns take a vow of celibacy, each order can require different, additional vows. They range from taking a vow of poverty and wearing a habit to sacrificing the right to own property. Your local priest can help you understand the various orders and their beliefs.

Talk to the sisters of the order in which you are interested. Find out if they have any "live-in" programs that allow you to get a better feel for the order. This might be a day retreat, an overnight stay or a short-term residency.

Enter a training period. During this time, you'll gain an understanding of the beliefs of your chosen order and decide whether entering the convent is for you. Many women decide at this point that they don't have a vocation, or calling.

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