How to Create a Booklet in Microsoft Word

There's no reason to go to the printer to get your next booklet made. Microsoft Word can automatically create a booklet from an existing or blank document. When you choose the booklet setting, Word will automatically change the properties of the document so you can print a professional looking booklet.

Open Microsoft Word and start a new blank document.

Choose the "File" menu and select "Page Setup" to open the "Page Setup" dialog box. If the "Margins" tab is not already selected, click on the "Margins" tab.

Select "Book fold" from the "Multiple pages" drop-down menu. This will automatically change the margins of "Left" and "Right" to "Inside" and "Outside," bring your Gutter to 0 and change your page orientation to Landscape.

Enter new measurements for the "Inside" and "Outside" margins. The margin for "Inside" will be the space between your text and the edge of the page on the inside of the booklet, and the margin for "Outside" will be the space between the edge of your page and text on the outside page.

Increase the amount of Gutter in the "Gutter" box if you need to allow more space for binding of your booklet.

Choose the number of pages you want to include in your booklet in the "Sheets per booklet" list. If you wish to have more than 16 pages in your booklet, Word can print the document as multiple booklets.

Make any other changes in the "Page Setup" dialog box and click the "OK" button to change your document to a booklet.


It's best to create a booklet as a new document so you can place the elements of the booklet appropriately.

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  • Microsoft Word
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