How to Clear Yahoo! Web Search History

To protect your privacy from others who use your computer, you should clear your internet search history regularly. When using Yahoo!, there are several different steps you need to take to ensure you don't leave a trail of your internet usage behind. Here's how to clear your yahoo web search history in three different ways. These instructions only work for Internet Explorer.

Click on the Pencil menu on the toolbar.

Click on "Toolbar Options" with your cursor.

Select "Clear Recent Searches." If you want to automatically clear past searches once the browser is closed, select "Auto-clear recent searches when exiting IE," and click "OK." If you never want the Yahoo! Toolbar to remember past searches, click on the box next to "Remember Recent Searches" to un-check it and click "OK."

Click inside the search box on the search page. A list of search terms you have used in the past will appear beneath the search box.

Place your cursor over the first search term so that it's highlighted.

Hold down the delete key until all search terms have been removed.

Select "Tools" from the top menu on your browser.

Choose "Delete Browsing History."

Click on "Delete All" at the bottom. You'll see a pop-up that asks you if you're sure--click "Yes."

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