How to Buy an Airboat

Airboats are flat-bottomed boats that are powered across the water by a propeller or fan and a motor, both of which are located on top of the boat. Because of their design, airboats are popular in areas with shallow or frozen rivers and lakes and swamps. Read the information below if you'd like to buy an airboat.

Determine your price range. You can find used airboats for under $5,000 and extravagant models for over $40,000. If you're new to airboating, you may want to start with a cheaper, used model before you take the plunge and buy an expensive, brand-new airboat.

Pay close attention to the construction of the hull. Airboat hulls are constructed of either fiberglass or welded aluminum, although welded aluminum is more popular. A larger hull makes an airboat more stable in the water but requires a larger engine.

Check out the airboat motor; it should have adequate horsepower for the boat's hull size and your intended uses.

Make sure the airboat's size is adequate. You'll need a boat that will accommodate any family members and friends you want to take out on the water. Airboats vary in size from 2 to 3 passenger capacity to 18 passenger capacity.

Test the noise level of the boat before you buy. Airboats are notoriously loud, however newer models are substantially quieter. Make sure the noise level is at a level you and your family can handle.

Talk to your fellow airboaters and ask for their opinions about the boats they've owned. Get their recommendations and ask for a ride if one has an airboat you like.

Remember, you'll need a trailer to transport your airboat from place to place.

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