How to Buy Live Male Peacocks

Written by lacey roop | 13/05/2017

Male peacocks are one of the most visually stunning breeds of birds. They have a vibrant plumage of feathers that are coloured with rich blue, black, and green. To purchase male peacocks, you will need to research and plan to ensure that you get the type of peacock you want at the best price possible. You can find a seller online or locally through the advice of animal breeders and stores.

Choose the breed of male peacock that you want to purchase. India Blue Peacocks are the least expensive and most common variety. Other breeds include the Green Peacock which is rare and very expensive as a result.

Decide how old you would like your peacock to be. The birds can be purchased as eggs, peachicks, or mature peacocks. They are full grown at three years of age.

Find a seller. Research breeders online or contact your local pet store for leads concerning peacocks for sale in your area.

Once you've purchased them, transport the birds in a covered container. Make sure that you have peacock food and greens for your birds to eat.


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