How to Become a Las Vegas Showgirl

Being a Las Vegas showgirl isn't what it once was. Although being in great shape has always been a requirement, most showgirls didn't dance for their auditions. During shows, they only had to parade around in heavy, glamorous costumes with headdresses. Today, showgirls must be great dancers in addition to being capable of wearing beautiful costumes. Here are some steps to help you get started on this career path.

Take dance lessons. Become the best dancer that you can, or you cannot compete in Las Vegas.

Grow as tall as you can. Showgirls have a reputation for being very tall. Height is necessary to show off the elaborate costumes.

Go to some Las Vegas shows to experience what they're like. Some even have backstage tours where you can watch the showgirls get ready.

Know that you may be required to go topless. You may start your career dressed, but you may eventually have to go topless in order to become a leading dancer.

Realize that you can't get rich being a showgirl. Most showgirls make moderate wages.


Acknowledge the fact that there aren't as many showgirls as there used to be because of changing tastes in Las Vegas. Showgirl costumes are extremely heavy, some weighing 20 lbs. and each with headdresses weighing up to 8 lbs. You need to dance while wearing these costumes. Being a showgirl is very demanding physically, and you must stay in top shape.

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