How to Buy Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles, which are also known as knuckles, knucks and knuckle dusters, are a weapon you wear around the (you guessed it) knuckles and people use to make punches more dangerous and painful. They have been glorified in numerous films and television shows, as they look quite sleek and cool.

Learn all you can about brass knuckles and how to wear/use them safely. While they are a collectible item, they are still weapons, and can be fatal if you don't learn to use them carefully.

Choose what kind of brass knuckles you want before buying. You may be tempted to buy more than you can afford, so do some research and decide if you want novelty knucks (in the shape of Batman or with blades attached for example) or just the classic design.

Find a website pr store which has the type of brass knuckles you want and order/buy away. There are numerous websites with many different kinds of knuckles you can choose from.


People have used brass and chrome knuckles for hundreds of years as weapons. Pop singer Rihanna wore a pair of brass knuckle high heels to a taping of a BET show, proving how ubiquitous they are in popular culture.

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