How to Costume Like a Rocky Horror Fan

The cult film "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," adapted from a musical that premiered in London in 1973, remains a "Midnight Movie" staple decades after its release. Whether you want to create a costume to look like Magenta, Dr. Frank-n-Furter or any of the other characters, it's easy to do with all of the fan site information on the Net to guide you. Here's a brief recap of that info.

Admire the characters and their flashy costumes. Accomplish this by watching the movie over and over, specifically at midnight showings. Most large cities and college towns show Rocky Horror at midnight on Fridays or Saturdays. Check listings for the local art or underground theater in your area.

Fashion a Frank-n-Furter costume by using a black tank top, sequins, black underwear, cape and thigh-highs. You'll need to attach glitter to chunky high heels, the kind you'll find at Fredericks of Hollywood or Forplay. Of course, you'll need to do Frank's eye-make up expertly. Study the movie or pics for details.

Sing along with all the musical numbers. Midnight show attendees warble along with tunes such as "Time Warp," "Sweet Transvestite" and "Science Fiction/Double Feature." Costumed fans also appear on stage, acting out the movie scenes along with the film as it plays.

Collect sequins, ribbons, bustier, bow tie and top hat to make Columbia's outfit. Study pics of her costume because it's the most elaborate of the bunch. Spray gold paint on the top hat and add sequins to the bustier and bow tie. You'll also need striped shorts, blue May Jane shoes, and fishnets to complete the spangly outfit.

Slow down and make a simpler costume by putting together Magenta's French maid outfit. Buy a short black cotton shirt dress and add cuffs and collar from an old white cotton shirt. Then find sheer stocking and suspenders for a spicy touch. A white apron and granny boots finish the ensemble.

Craft a Riff-Raff costume with the most important piece first-a bald cap with straggly, dirty blonde hair glued on. Make sure the wig you've attached isn't beautiful and luxurious. Grease it up with gel for the proper effect. You'll also need a ripped black tailcoat, a "hump," tuxedo vest, suspenders, tight black pants and black boots.


If you don't have the time or inclination to sew a costume on your own, many outlets offer ready-made Rocky costumes. Fans sometimes dress as Eddie, Brad, Janet or The Narrator. These costumes are less popular than the main characters' costumes, but they are easier to make.

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