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Etsy is a great new website that is a wonderful place for crafters to sell their handmade goods and wares. For those who love browsing for crafts or would like to find unique gifts, Etsy, is a great place to shop too. It is fairly easy for a crafter to set up shop and sell their items on Etsy. Selling crafts on Etsy only requires a few steps and opening up a free account. Using Etsy is almost just as easy as using Ebay.

Register for an account at Click on register on the homepage.

Fill out the registration form after clicking on the register link. Follow the onine screen instructions.

After you fill out the registration form, Etsy will send you a confirmation email. Check your email for the confirmation. Follow the steps in the confirmation by replying to the email. Once you reply to the email, your account will be active. You are now ready to sell on Etsy!

Create your shop on Etsy. Think of a name that you would like your shop to be. Then add a small description to your shop and create your profile. This way, your customers will get an idea of what you sell and who you are.

Gather your craft items together. Make sure that you have clear and crisp images of the craft products that you plan on selling. Your pictures and product descriptions are what will make your items sell on Etsy.

Click the "sell" link on Etsy. If you already have an account, you should be able to click on the link that says, "List an item now."

Next, add a title and a description for your item. Make sure your description describes the item as much as possible. Good descriptions are valuable keys to selling your products. Let possibly customers know what your handmade craft is made of, and perhaps even if there is a story behind it.

After you describe your product, and give it a title, then type the kinds of materials that were used in creating your handmade gift. Then click "next."

Find a category that closely resembles your product. After you choose a category, find keywords that describe your product. Feel free to use some of the suggested words that Etsy offers you too. Click "next."

After you choose keywords, you then can choose shipping and payment options. Decide on what kind of shipping that you will offer to customers and also the prices of your product. If you do make a mistake, Etsy will allow youto go back and edit your work too. After you have completed all of the online forms, upload your picture of your product.

Once you have uploaded your picture, preview your listing on the next page. Fix in any errors that you feel need to be corrected. If everything looks fine to you, keep it and publish the ad.


To sell items on Etsy, you must have a valid credit card to put on file. It costs 20 cents per listing at Etsy. Having a credit card also lets Etsy know that you are indeed a real person as well. If you have listings on Etsy, market them as much as you can. Put links to your listings on your personal website, blog, or email them to all of your family, friends, and jewelry customers. Spread the word that you have products listed at

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • Account at
  • Some craft items to sell at Etsy along with digital images of the item
  • Credit card
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