How to Wear Military Medals

Military medals are symbols of accomplishment and heroism. They can serve as examples to all who serve with you. Wear them properly by following these steps.

Examine your military medals. Make sure that they're not stained or wrinkled. Replace any medal that is unserviceable.

Mount your medals to your uniform. Tailors on the base PX or NEX know in which order to place your medals, how to mount them and how many medals go in which row. After you have your military medals mounted, wearing them becomes a matter of measurement.

Read your service's uniform regulation for proper military medal wear. Using a ruler, center and distance your medals per regulations. Don't "eyeball" the measurement or you could be off.

Use a ribbon backer for both your ribbons and medals if you choose not to mount them. This allows you to look sharp, as the military medals look like they're mounted on your uniform. Don't wear them in a way that makes them look like they're hanging away from your uniform with the back pins visible.

Wear only the medal if your medal accompanied a ribbon award. Wear ribbons that do not come with a medal on the other side of your chest, per uniform regulations. The ribbons should look sharp or new.

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