How to sell antique teddy bears

Updated February 21, 2017

Antique and vintage teddy bears are popular collectibles online, at auction and in antique stores. There are a number of options and outlets for selling antique teddy bears, and by following a few quick steps, you can sell yours to appreciative and eager collectors.

Scope out local auction houses. Auctioning antique items is a quick, affordable way to market your antique teddy bears, but it's somewhat risky. You never know if your items will be purchased at auction or if they will bring the amount of money they deserve. If you decide to auction valuable antique teddy bears, consider placing a reserve price on them to assure they will bring you a good return.

Consider placing your antique teddy bears in an antique shop. Many antique shops rent out booths to sellers where they can display their items to the public. The shop itself takes a cut of the profits, but you're sure to bring a price of your choosing if someone purchases your antique teddy bear.

Ask local antique dealers if they can purchase your antique teddy bears as a lot. By selling a bulk of items to an antique dealer, you cut out the responsibility of further pricing the items. The antique dealer will own the items, set a price, but you will receive a lump sum for your valuables with no further responsibility.

Sell online for profit and quick turnaround. If you wish to run your own website, it's easy to purchase and build a personal website from which to sell your antique teddy bears. Be sure to check with an accountant to decide if a tax I.D. number is necessary for your online business.

Explore online auctions as a quick, easy way to sell your antique teddy bears. Auctions sites like eBay allow users to add pictures and descriptions of their items for users who wish to bid. If you're nervous about not getting the full worth of your items, place a reserve bid to ensure a profit.

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