How to Cover Beard Growth With Makeup

When applying makeup you need to make sure that you cover your beard growth. Even after just shaving you may have stubble a couple of hours later. This can be covered with makeup if done properly. Follow these steps to learn how to cover your beard growth with makeup.

Wash your face thoroughly. Don't scrub it, just rub lightly. Rinse it off completely.

Shave using a moisturizing shaving cream and a double blade razor. Use a styptic pencil to stop the bleeding from cuts. Apply toner right after shaving and allow your face to dry for half an hour before applying the makeup needed to cover beard growth.

Apply a thin layer of lotion on your skin to protect it from the thick makeup.

Put foundation on your face and neck using a lightly dampened sponge wedge. Make sure the makeup is oil-free. Use a tissue to blot off the extra makeup and allow it to dry. Avoid applying the foundation too thickly because it will cake.

Cover the bearded area with orange lipstick. Use a makeup wedge and blend into the area around the beard. Apply more foundation over the top.

Dust on loose powder to make your face, especially the beard growth area, look smooth. Use a powder puff to apply this makeup so you don't smear the foundation or concealer.


Make sure to apply makeup using the same lighting you will be out in. If you're going out during the day use sunlight. If you're going out at night then use fluorescent lighting. Hide any flaws with concealer. You can also draw attention to other areas of your face with the concealer.

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