How to Buy Wood for Stair Stringers

Building your own set of stairs is a complicated but rewarding process. The detail that goes into a set of stairs makes every aspect of the project, especially the building material, critical to its success. Buying the right wood for the stringers that support the stairs is one of the most important elements. Follow these steps so you will buy the correct wood for stair stringers.

Take measurements first. The last thing you need when building a set of stairs is to stop the entire process to find more stringer wood. Take your measurement of the stringer's length and then add ten to twenty percent extra so you have some room for error.

Decide on wood type. Stair stringers can be made from a variety of hard wood. Cedar and pine are two examples of wood types that will be strong enough to serve as stringers for the stair. Also, be sure to buy the wood thick enough to support the amount of load that the stairs will have to bear.

Get a stringer kit. A stair stringer kit includes the right kind, cut and amount of wood you need to build for a given set of stairs. A number of stair and flooring companies can supply you with the right kit if you provide them with the dimensions of your project.

Buy the wood from a reputable hardware outlet. The last thing you want when building a set of stairs is low quality or contaminated wood. Use large, reputable hardware outlets that back up their quality with their reputation and store guarantees.

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