How to Get Hormone Levels Tested

Hormone levels can be tested to determine what is going on inside a woman's body. Hormone level results can show if a woman is fertile, going through early menopause or perimenopause. Since hormone levels have a tendency to fluctuate, you should plan on getting your hormone levels tested several times.

Visit your doctor. Let her know your reasons for wanting to get your hormone levels tested. She will advise you on what type of tests you should get done.

Note the timing of a hormone level test. For a menstruating woman, she needs to get the test done a week before her period. For women on hormone replacement therapy, they should get the test at the end of the treatment cycle.

Make an appointment to get blood drawn. This is the standard procedure for testing a woman's hormone levels. A lab takes a sample of your blood and sends it out for analysis. Results show the number of active hormones in your body.

Ask about a saliva test. A newer method of measuring hormone levels is to take a swab of a person's saliva. Saliva tests can show the level of progesterone, estradiol, DHEA, testosterone and coritsol in the body.

Request a copy of the results. Keep all of your hormone level tests organized for easy tracking.

Get a home kit. Most of the home kits will analyze your saliva to determine hormone levels.


Residents of certain states are required to have a prescription before purchasing a hormone level testing kit.

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