How to Recruit or Hire a Nude Model

Updated April 17, 2017

Recruiting a model for a photography project requires networking skills, but seeking out a model willing to pose nude requires not only more tack, but also more planning. The photography and modelling industry is driven primarily through networking and recommendations, so it's important to keep your search and interactions professional and respectful.

Decide on your vision for the project. You'll need to know what you're searching for and what to tell the potential model.

Update your professional website, bio and portfolio. You don't want to contact anyone until your information is updated. Models who will research you should be looking at the most current and accurate information.

Research models who are interested in modelling nude. You can use model-specific networking sites such as Model Mayhem or Model Locate, or you can contact model agencies. When you've found models you like, then call the ones you're interested in.

Be honest when speaking with models. Tell the model what you're looking to do, what your style is, and what you intend to pay. Never surprise the model. This will both ruin your photography and depending on how uncomfortable the model feels, this could ruin your career. Models will speak to one another and will either make or break your reputation. If you're not up front or made them feel uncomfortable, then they'll likely tell other models not to work with you. On the other hand, if you treat them well and work professionally then this will be one step toward furthering your career.

Be polite if either you don't accept a model or the model decides not to work with you. Remember that these are most likely professional decisions, not personal ones. You never know when you'll work with that model again in the future or what the model will say to colleagues.


When using modelling network sites, contact models who have expressed interest in modelling nude. Do not contact random people on social networking sites.

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