How to Replace a Fuse Box

Often a fuse box must be replaced to upgrade the home's wiring system or to install additional wiring to another part of the house. This might seem like a project for a home contractor, but you can get the job done just by following these steps.

Purchase a new fuse box. Fuse boxes and their hardware can be found in kits sold at any home improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowe's.

Determine the amperage of the home's electrical system. This information will provide the basic configuration of the new fuse box. Much of this information can be found on the fuse box door's inner panel. Provide the home improvement store employee with this information when you purchase the new box.

Disconnect the power to the existing fuse box from the home's electric meter. This may be located outside, yet it is often directly under the fuse box itself. Ensure that all electricity has been shut off to the entire home. Contact the local electric company immediately if unsure about this procedure.

Remove the box's front panel, usually held in place with four screws. Always stand on a grounded mat and have grounded tools.

Unscrew all fuses in the fuse box. Discard if replacing fuse box with a breaker box or retain to replace.

Detach the wires from each of their connections to the fuse terminals. Take care not to over manipulate the wires as this may cause fraying issues after re-install.

Take the old box to the home improvement store to match size and specifications to the new fuse box.

Bring new box home and install according to these steps working backwards.


When working on electrical systems, it may become necessary to contact or hire a qualified electrician to either oversee the project. Label each wire as it is removed for easier identification at re-installation.


You must turn off all the electricity at the pole or at the electrical meter before undertaking any electrical work. Otherwise, you risk severe or even fatal injuries.

Things You'll Need

  • New fuse box
  • Fuses
  • Shop tools
  • Grounded mat and tools
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