How to Find a Pulmonologist

A pulmonologist is an internal medicine doctor that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions of the lungs and the respiratory system. Pulmonologists treat diseases such as lung cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, cystic fibrosis, sleep disorders and asthma. Pulmonologists also aid in the prevention of lung and respiratory disorders.

Talk to your primary care physician about a referral to a pulmonologist. Your primary care physician may have recommendations for pulmonologists in the area that are highly respected and taking new patients in their practices.

Speak to people that you know. If any of your friends, family or coworkers have seen a pulmonologist, they may be able to point you in the right direction towards finding a doctor.

Contact your insurance company. Most insurance companies have listings of doctors and specialists on their websites.

Browse the Internet for websites listing pulmonologists in your area. Search for a doctor by name, if you have someone in mind. Otherwise, search for a physician by city, state or zip code. These websites usually give you contact information and office locations.

Search the websites for the American Board of Medical Specialties and the American Board of Internal Medicine for a board certified pulmonologist. You can also call these two medical boards to see if a pulmonologist is board certified.

Check out pulmonologist reviews online. Various websites allow you to look up pulmonologists in your area. These sites provide reviews and comments from former and current patients that may aid you in determining which pulmonologist to choose.


Consult with several pulmonologists. Then decide which one you like the most. If your insurance company does not have doctor listings on a website, then contact the company and request a list of providers in your area that specialize in pulmonology.


Make sure your pulmonologist is covered by your insurance plan. Your insurance company may require that you have a referral before seeing a pulmonary specialist.

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