How to Treat Dry Socket Naturally

Dry socket occurs after a tooth has been extracted. This extremely painful condition generally means a trip back to the dentist or oral surgeon to have the socket packed with medicated dressings. Sometimes, however, you may not be able to get to a dentist or want to try to ease the pain with a natural home remedy.

Use a syringe with a curved tip to squirt water or salt water into the socket area. This flushes out any food particles or other debris which further irritates the area. Do this at least once a day for several weeks.

Apply clove oil to the socket to reduce pain. Dilute the oil as it is strong and can sting. You can find clove oil in most natural food stores and in some pharmacies.

Hold ice to the outside of the jaw near the socket area. This reduces the pain for a short while. It also cuts down any swelling in the area.

Rinse your mouth out gently with warm or hot salt water several times a time. Like the syringe method, this removes debris and food particles. The salt also draws fluid to the area, which will promote healing.

Drink plenty of clear liquid to stay hydrated. You must adjust how you are drinking so you don't irritate the area. Avoid drinking out of straws or other actions that create suction in the mouth.

See a dentist or oral surgeon if at all possible to confirm the pain is indeed dry socket. Some dentists use a packing with clove oil on it, keeping the treatment natural. Ask your dentist or oral surgeon about treatment options and natural home remedies of keeping the pain down.

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