How to Repair a Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are present in most homes in garages, carports or on a patio or terrace. All concrete floors will need repair eventually because of ground shifting, moisture or settling. Repairing concrete floors does not require hiring a professional and most repairs can be done easily with a few items from home improvement stores.

Fix shallow cracks and uneven areas by painting the damaged area as well as the rest of the floor area, which will even out the surface if the crack is ΒΌ inch deep or less. Purchase a basement paint if the floor is indoors, and use an exterior paint if it's outside.

Use a mixture of a latex bonder and mortar to repair a deeper crack. Put a little of the bonding agent into the crack, then apply the latex and mortar mixture.

Repair larger cracks by first clearing out all concrete dust and crumbled areas. Take away the loose pieces. Use a chisel to remove pieces lodged in the cracks.

Purchase concrete filler; the tubes of filler are the easiest to use. Apply the filler to clean, dry cracks. Make sure there will be no moisture on the concrete in the hours after the application. Allow the filler to cure and settle into the crack. Reapply the filler until the dried level of filler is equal to the concrete. Let the filler dry completely.

Seal the filled areas with a polyurethane sealant. Apply the sealant with a hand roller if the area is small. Use a broom or mop to apply sealant to large areas. Allow the sealant to dry. Reapply the sealant to get a smooth, waterproof coating.

Things You'll Need

  • Mortar
  • Latex bonding agent
  • Chisel
  • Concrete filler
  • Hand roller or mop
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