How to Write a Veterinarian Job Cover Letter

Veterinarians practice medicine for animals much the same way that physicians and surgeons practice medicine for humans. There are small-animal veterinarian clinics, hospitals and large-animal veterinarians. Additionally, the state and federal government, as well as meatpacking houses, employ veterinarians in the role of inspection.

Research the posted opening to determine what type of veterinarian job is available. Contact the clinic, hospital, government agency or whomever is responsible for hiring and ask for the name of the person to whom you will address your cover letter.

Write your veterinarian job cover letter to the person determined by your research to be responsible for processing your resume. Begin your letter with a standard professional greeting (Dear Mrs. Smith:). Avoid the familiarity of a first name.

Identify the job position for which you are applying. This may be done by inserting a line under the greeting such as: "RE: XXX Veterinary Hospital Staff position." Another way to identify the position is to include it in your opening paragraph when you write how you came to know about the position.

Keep the body of the cover letter specific to showcasing your skills and experience that meet and exceed the job description. If the job opening requires specialized skills, such as orthopedic surgery, highlight this area in your letter. If you are especially adept at treating dogs, and dogs are a priority in the job description, make this known.

Explain your interest in research if your application is to a pharmaceutical company doing research on drugs and vaccines for animals. If you have experience in this area, cite it in the body of the cover letter. If you have no research experience, but have other veterinarian skills that show your adaptability to research, make these known along with your willingness to work hard at the project.

Conclude your cover letter with a brief paragraph summarizing why you are the best-qualified candidate for the position. Make yourself available for an interview at the most convenient time for the clinic or agency.


Supervisory and management positions are available for veterinarians with the right qualifications. New graduates get their best starts in veterinary medicine by associating with an established veterinarian, animal clinic or hospital.


When you write your cover letter, don't simply duplicate your resume. Use it as an opportunity to highlight skills and abilities that aren't easily described within the constraints of the resume format.

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