How to Build a Porch

A porch is a wonderful place for friends and family to gather. If you follow these steps, you can build a porch and have a place to socialize all year.

Lay out the bottom of the 2-by-4 foot boards to create a sill plate. Use pressure treated lumber. Make sure that the sill plate is square.

Fasten the corners of the sill plate to the concrete floor. Use concrete anchors. First drill into the concrete and insert plastic anchors, and then secure the sill plate by screwing lag bolts into the plastic anchors.

Secure a layer of wood to the top of the sill plate. You now can place trim on the bottom of the inside wall for added decoration.

Ensconce the top plate. Prop a stud against the wall atop the sill plate and fasten it in place temporarily. Place the board for the top plate against the ceiling, propping it on the upright stud and using another stud to support the other side. Mark the location.

Remove the base plates for any doorways by cutting them away with a reciprocating saw or handsaw.

Check the width for the screens to determine where to place the wall studs. Install the studs. For door frames make sure to place two studs on each side of the door for attaching the screen to the hinges.

Use a level and a chalk line to make a line on the wall studs 32 inches up from the floor.

Create a top rail. Toenail screws into the end of 2x4 feet boards after cutting them to the proper length. Secure them horizontally between two studs.

Determine the length between the top rail and the sill plate, and then cut the 2-by-2 foot boards to that length. If necessary cut them to necessary lengths to adjust for slope. Position them so that they are spaced evenly and flush with the outside wall. Secure them with finish nails.

Install a doorstop around the top and sides of the door area after framing the door.

Prime the screen door and the porch frame. Start painting. Use painters tape on the screen to prevent primer from getting on it.

Cut the screen to length and apply it using staples. Make sure to staple one side to the stud, stretch it and then staple the other side. Cut lath to length, prime and paint it. Install it to cover the edges of the screen.

Hang up the screen doors. Be sure to put a lath under the door to make a quarter-inch gap. Use wall hinges to attach the door to the wall stud.

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