How to Draw Angel Wings for Kids

Angels fascinate children and adults alike. According to the Bible, angels are pure spirits. Created by God, angels are messengers and heavenly beings. They are immortal agents for God and may communicate to men and women on behalf of God. For children, they may recognise cherub angels found in Christmas illustrations and on Valentine's Day greeting cards. They are special symbols of love and all things good and innocent. To draw angel wings for an art or craft project, kids may practice on drawing paper with a pencil.

Draw a heart that is open at the bottom on a piece of drawing paper with a pencil or crayon. A pencil is easier to work with since you can erase mistakes. Be sure to leave the lines that connect the heart at the bottom open.

Add an upside down "V" inside the heart. Connect the two points of the "V" at the bottom of the heart. The point of the "V" will meet at the inward point of the top centre of the heart. You should have two distinct wings shapes once you add the inverted "V."

Draw "U" shapes for individual feathers on the angel wings. Place them on the top half of each wing in rows.

Add long "U" shapes at the bottom on your angel wings for long feathers. Completely fill in each wing. Erase any unwanted marks. Colour with crayons if desired.


You may construct large wings from paper to use as an angel costume. Use poster board and cut the wings out. Attach yarn or elastic bands so the child can wear the wings. You may also consider gluing feathers onto your drawn angel wings.

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