How to Locate a Fox Breeder

You have decided you want a pet fox. You have done all the research and know that it is legal to own a pet fox in your city and state. You have a vet who can treat your new pet all lined up. Now you just need to buy the pet. Your next order of business is to locate a fox breeder. Fox breeders are few and far between. They need a special license for exotic pets, a large plot of land on which their animals live, and a lot of time to devote to the breeding of foxes.

Speak to other fox owners that you may have met when researching the possibility of owning such a pet. Find out from whom they purchased their foxes. Word-of-mouth communication and networking may be the best way to locate a fox breeder.

Ask your vet if he knows of any exotic animals breeders. Veterinarians, like human doctors, often practice in a different part of the country from where they grew up and studied. Your vet may be a valuable source of information for this task.

Contact area zoos and determine if they maintain a list of recommended breeders. Although zoos recreate natural habitats for their animals to live in, they may be aware of ways to purchase wild animals for domestic use.

Call or write the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) (see Resources below). This agency governs the health requirements of animals entering the United States. They may have information on animal breeders due to their involvement with the health of such animals.

Make a list of all the fox breeders you have found through various channels. Contact each of them to find out wait-list times, prices and how far they are located from your home. This information will help you decide which fox breeder will be the right fit for you.


Expect to be placed on a long waiting list for a fox cub once you have located a breeder and put down a deposit. Foxes are most often born in the spring and summer, and demand outnumbers the supply in many cases. You may need to wait a year or longer before you can finally take home a pet fox.

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