How to Get Rid of Ghosts

Many people who believe in and claim to understand the paranormal think that most ghosts are harmless and can actually help people while they are visiting. People also claim that some ghosts are negative spirits who can make life uncomfortable for the living. Consider employing a variety of methods if you are trying to get rid of unwanted ghosts in your living space.

Ask the ghosts to leave. Directly address the ghosts and ask them to leave in a calm but forceful tone.

Read the book "The Ghost Hunter's Handbook: A Field Guide to the Paranormal" by Lori Summers at Amazon to learn about ways to get rid of unwanted ghosts and what to do if you encounter a ghost (see Resources below).

Burn a candle to get rid of unwanted ghosts. Write your intention on a piece of paper you place underneath the candle, or carve your intention into the wax of the candle. Repeat the process until you feel you have gotten rid of the ghosts.

Follow the advice found in "Break that Curse! Get Rid of the Evil Spirits, Demons, and Ghosts" by Crowell Ramsey at Amazon (see Resources below).

Visit a medium or psychic healer who can help you get rid of your negative ghosts. The healer might do spells or talk to the ghosts on your behalf to get rid of them.

Smudge your home with sage. To smudge your home, open all of the windows in your home and light a bundle of dried sage. Sage is thought to clear away negative energy and spirits. Catch the ashes with a plate held underneath the bundle and walk around your home to cleanse it with the sage smoke.

Invite good energies into your living space after getting rid of ghosts by lighting lavender, rose or vanilla incense and candles.


Hire a professional shaman or spirit worker if you feel overwhelmed while trying to get rid of unwanted ghosts. Shamans specialize in spirit work and are knowledgeable about many spells to get rid of unwanted spirits and ghosts.

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